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October 10 2010 12:25 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
Nursing Home is back this year for Halloween. New EP 'Halloween Freaks' is being released and will be sold in a package deal with the 'Every Day is Halloween II' Noise/Experimental compilation from 2008.

'Halloween Freaks' is a 5 song EP of all original Nursing Home material recorded on Halloween night 2009 that ranges from dark Experimental/Industrial instrumentals to demented children's pop with a sinister twist. It showcases the fun and campy side of Halloween and also the dark pitch black (and orange) undertones.

We have been obsessed for years with capturing the very essence of Halloween in music. From the opening track "Stroke of Midnight" with ultra detuned bass stabs, lighting bolts and a conch shell horn blowing the black tone of hell into the eerie green mist to the dark twisted playful psychedelia of the title track, this is music for cheesy haunted houses and ritual murder alike.

Also features bonus track "Automaton" [remastered] from the original 2007 'Every Day is Halloween' compilation. Comes in a cardboard sleeve packaged with Halloween candy and bonus copy of the 'Every Day is Halloween II' compilation from 2008.

Front Cover:

Back Cover:


'Every Day is Halloween II' is a 2008 experimental Halloween-themed compilation spans multiple genres including Harsh Noise, Experimental, Industrial and Dark Ambient. The tracks represent the attempts of each artist to capture the spirit of Halloween in both its fun/campy and dark/morbid connotations.

Here is a review of the 'Every Day is Halloween II' compilation:

click here for link


1. Nursing Home - Trick or Treat
2. Ben Miner - No Mercy for Her
3. Istituzoni Ambienti Naturalismo - Brulichio di Entita Volatili
4. Eraritjaritjaka - First Step in the Wrong Direction
5. Frank Castle - Eric Holmberg
6. Paid in Puke - Bloodlust
7. Nursing Home - Dungeon Corridor
8. Church of the Apocalypse - I Eat the Flesh (remix)
9. Sick to the Back Teeth - Unholy
10. Xdugef - The Darkness
11. Josh Lay - Eye of the Witch
12. Panicsville - Paura Nella Citta Dei Morti Viventi
13. Pork Lion - Return to the Cosmic Uterus
14. Kanin Krusete - Salem Song
15. Entropy Pool - Damaged Need
16. Nursing Home - A Wasp in the Devil's Triangle
17. Mister Fuckhead ft. NV13 - Never Fuck in the Woods
18. Hex Apparatus - Veil of Mangled Flesh
19. Teenage Arsonist - In it for Nothing
20. Knox Mitchell ft. Nursing Home - Black Mansion
21. Zombie Battle Axe - Witch Hunt Through Haunted Woods
Front Cover:

Inside Cover:


Tray Card:

You can preview 4 songs from these 2 cds now at:

click here for link

To order, US residents paypal $8 and International paypal $11 to:

Concealed cash and/or check is also an option, in which case please email with all inquiries.
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