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new mini-batch! everything (yes, even the shirt) is $7 ppd in the usa ($8 can/mex, $10 world). all three for $15/$17/$20. paypal is rainbowbridge /at\ ifitmoveskissit /daught\ net. scroll down for everything else currently available. for more package deal options, just ask. i am always willing to work something out.

you can also purchase via


Inappropriate King Live - "Actions Are Louder" c92 - RB-077

15 tracks of concussion and resentment. A year's worth of sound collage dilapidated and uncared-for, pieced together and dubbed to tape. Dismantled and remixed recordings of instruments, traffic, extreme weather, animals, paper ripping, plastic crinkling, thumbtacks being dropped, voices, household appliances, speeches, performance art, various objects being rattled and scraped... static, buzz, beeps, cuts, punches, squeezes and squeals. Despite the project name, none of this was performed live. This is a compilation of pieces that took months to put together.

Hand-painted j-cards and labels. Each one unique. Limited to 14.


Pregnant Spore - t-shirt - RB-078

Seafoam green print on black Hanes Heavyweight shirts. Sizes S through XXL. After ordering, please email rainbowbridge /at\ ifitmoveskissit /daught\ net with what size you'd like.


Ghost Volcano - "Tarkovsky" 3" CDr - RB-079

Ghost Volcano is a brand new 3-piece noise outfit from Baltimore, Maryland made up of both members of Mold Omen and Justin Marc Lloyd (Pregnant Spore, Inappropriate King Live, False Flag and more). Electronics, violin, records, metal and guitar. Reminds me a lot of... dare I say it... Wolf Eyes? Expect even more from this trio soon.

Hand-painted inserts made up of photo prints by Megan Elyse Lloyd. Each one unique. Limited to 36.


Pregnant Spore - Universe Library Tick 3" CDr - RB-076 $7 USA/$8 CAN & MEX/$10 WORLD
R.S.Seizure - Taped c62 - RB-075 $7 USA/$8 CAN & MEX/$10 WORLD
Pregnant Spore - Pristine Brain c62 - RB-074 $7 USA/$8 CAN & MEX/$10 WORLD
Pansori/Pregnant Spore - split c20 - RB-073 $7 USA/$8 CAN & MEX/$10 WORLD
Circuit Wound - Defense Mechanism c47 - RB-072 $7 USA/$8 CAN & MEX/$10 WORLD
The Bohorquez/Balogh Project - Selt-titled CDr - RB-071 $7 USA/$8 CAN & MEX/$10 WORLD
Even The Dew Is Porous - Elastic Echo c27 - RB-070 $7 USA/$8 CAN & MEX/$10 WORLD
Hostage Pageant - Manipulated Memories c47 - RB-069 $7 USA/$8 CAN & MEX/$10 WORLD
White Dog/Pregnant Spore - split c62 - RB-068 $7 USA/$8 CAN & MEX/$10 WORLD
Skin Graft - 8/7/10 3" CDr - RB-067 $7 USA/$8 CAN & MEX/$10 WORLD
Pregnant Spore - Remixes Red Electric Rainbow CDr - RB-065 $7 USA/$8 CAN & MEX/$10 WORLD
Oscillating Innards - Irretrievable: MMII-MMVIII c75+c80 - RB-063 $7 USA/$8 CAN & MEX/$10 WORLD
Skin Graft/Dim Dusk Moving Gloom - split c32 - RB062 $7 USA/$8 CAN & MEX/$10 WORLD
Facialmess - Not Worth It c10 - RB060 $7 USA/$8 CAN & MEX/$10 WORLD
Boar - Teen Cribs c20 - RB059 $7 USA/$8 CAN & MEX/$10 WORLD
NPV - Crossing Towers 3" CDr - RB054 $7 USA/$8 CAN & MEX/$10 WORLD
Simian Washboard - Creature CDr - RB053 $7 USA/$8 CAN & MEX/$10 WORLD
Andrew Coltrane - Persuasion c62 - RB052 $7 USA/$8 CAN & MEX/$10 WORLD
Whitewater Orgasm - A Sad Way To Swallow CDr - RB049 $7 USA/$8 CAN & MEX/$10 WORLD
Sensible Nectar+Gaybomb - Blue Tongue CDr - RB047 $7 USA/$8 CAN & MEX/$10 WORLD
Actuary/Gorgonized Dorks - Barbed Wire Necktie split CDr - RB045 $7 USA/$8 CAN & MEX/$10 WORLD
Torturing Nurse/Hostage Pageant - split c10 - RB044 $7 USA/$8 CAN & MEX/$10 WORLD
Transatlantic Rage - I.N.G. 9 DVDr - RB041 $7 USA/$8 CAN & MEX/$10 WORLD
Al Qaeda/Dried Up Corpse
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