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Time Husk
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December 28 2010 6:26 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
Hey everyone, I'm Kyle, 22 Years old from South Orange County, California. I'm currently in the Navy, active duty, and forward deployed in Sasebo, Japan. Been living in Japan for almost 2 years, 1 more year to go. I've played with 3 Japanese-American bands, two rock cover bands and one metalcore. I'm currently looking for new ventures involving guitar or vocals, whichever opportunity presents itself first. Favorite bands are Have Heart, Stick to Your Guns, and Parkway Drive. Looking forward too meeting everyone here, cheers.
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December 28 2010 6:28 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
this is so obviously a fake poster. i mean, who likes have heart anymore?
Peter SteeleyDan
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December 28 2010 6:30 PM   QuickQuote Quote  

never forget..
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