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January 3 2011 10:18 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
Happy New Year Philly!

I posted up the big January update for the [url=]ARTNOISE PHILLY SHOW-LISTING[/url]! There's some pretty exciting stuff happening throughout the month like the sure-to-be-high-energy Anamanaguchi/Slingshot Dakota show at The Ox, some killer all ages shows at The Fire (way to do it right, Fire!), Joan of Arc, Ted Leo, and Yo La Tengo. If you ask me though, the real action all happens on 1/29/11: There's an acoustic set from one of the Pygmy Lush dudes at Grindcore House (newish vegan coffee house near 4th and Takser!), and THE AWESOMEST LADIES COVER BAND SHOW NIGHT EVER TO CELEBRATE THE 10th ANNIVERSARY OF SUGAR TOWN at The Tritone!!! Seriously, Sugar Town is one of the only long-running events in the city that actually works like punk rock should. Support them!

As always, if there's something we missed, drop us a line at and we'll put it up. Also, if this listing is useful to you, spread the word! The more people have access to this info, the more we're doing our job to support the scene in this wonderful crazy city.

with love,
germ ross


===JANUARY 2K11 LISTINGS (as of 1/3/10)
=======for venue information and updates check [url][/url]
==========shows in bold are recommended by at least one ARTNOISE staff member

3 Monday...

@ The Bordello: Weekend Nachos, Callous, Deathbeds, Blackslider, 7PM, $5, ALL AGES

@ World Cafe: Jazz Jam Session with Orrin Evans & Friends, 5:30PM

@ World Cafe: Levi Kreis and Eric Himan, 8PM

@ Tritone: Shakey and Gordon Blues, 7PM, FREE

4 Tuesday...

@ 23rd Street Cafe: Jazz Jam Session, 7:30PM

@ Apollinare Restaurant: Jazz night, jam session after the first set, 8PM-12AM, NO COVER

@ Chris’ Jazz Cafe: Victor North Jam Session, 10:30PM, $3

@ Kungfu Necktie: Bushwalla, + 2 TBA, 8PM

@ The Fire: Arrow to the Sun (MA), Gabe Adelis, 9PM, $7

@ North Star: Electric Boa, Casey Bowen Band, Buffalo Medicine, 8PM, $7

@ Jr's Bar: Fuckin Pissed, My Nation Underground, + TBA

@ The Grape Room: Phil D'Agostino Quarter, Joe D'Amico Band, Brian Flanagan Band, Adam Monaco

5 Wednesday...

@ Danger Danger Gallery: Midair, Northern Valentine, Angel Ocana, + TBA

@ Litter Box: Self Conscious, Gash, Secret Police, Dethroned Emperors, 7PM

@ World Cafe: Matuto, 8PM

@ The Trocadero: Cultureal, Sound Street Sounds, Another David Fishkin Ensemble?, Out Da Basement, Kookaroo, 9PM, $9

@ The Fire: Toddler Kat, Bear Quest, Delewhale, Acumen Finite, 9PM, $7

@ M Room: Mama's Love, LP Stiles, 8PM, $8

@ Tritone: Ellipsis, 9PM

@ The Grape Room: The Terribles, The Nightmare River Band, The High Irons, Willy Green

6 Thursday...

@ The Ox: The Pharmacy, Secret Mountains, Junkers

@ World Cafe: Government Cheaze, Joe Jordan Experiment, 8PM

@ World Cafe: "One Child Born: The Music of Laura Nyro," 8PM

@ The Trocadero (Balcony): La Violencia, Jill & The Know How, Grandy, Satellite Hearts, 8:30PM, $8

@ Gold Coast Lounge: Battlemaster, Infernal Stronghold, Midol Threat (all-women Minor Threat cover band), Gash, No Lessons Learned, 7PM, $5

@ Kungfu Necktie: An American Chinese (record release), Steve Goldberg & the Arch Enemies, When I Was 12, 8PM

@ North Star: This Temper, Apollo Run, Nixon's Head, The Donuts, 8PM, $8

@ Jr's Bar: 2 Years On Welfare, Color Is Luxury, Night Burger, Jesse De

@ M Room: Isaac Hurt, Ominous Black, Dutchguts, Sadgiqacea, Yorba Linda, 8PM, $5

@ Triton
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