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Seen Invisible Monsters was being made into a movie as well.
beer me.
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Originally posted by: Eric Paradox

this movie sounds awesome.

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Originally posted by: Yodel Toast

Originally posted by: stephie bee

I think his books are so well written, but don't all seem to adapt well as screenplays. Fight Club was obviously a success, but I wasn't thrilled with Choke. Snuff was an OK book, but I'm still not convinced it will work well as a film. I loved Survivor, Diary was pretty good but dragged out a bit. And I'm too tired to critique anything else. Do a film on the short story "guts". I would watch that.

they should make a film for Haunted. It would be so great.

Haunted would make better as a mini-series. Have each episode start out with the writers all in that building and then set up the short story as the actual episode. Only problem is that it's going to start off too big with Guts being the first story. I like that book but it goes way downhill from there. Palanhiuk blew his load in the opening chapter.
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