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Originally posted by: Kev_in

But this season is poorly done otherwise and rushed. What's going on with Euron and Yara. Cersei is like a minor character. It's the season finale coming up already...they should have done 10 and fleshed this shit out

yup. the decision to do a seven and a six episode season this year and next instead of two ten episode seasons never made sense and was especially retarded given the commercial viability of the show and the material. it was so confusing that even a lot of media outlets were reporting that this was the last season up until a month ago. a lot of newer relationships are being rushed through and a lot of older ones are being tied off, and a lot of plotpoints make a sort of mechanical sense but much less emotional sense because they aren't being given enough screentime to resonate. the nancy & sluggos in the fanbase no doubt won't mind though as long as they get the softcore danerys/jon snow sex scene they seem to be slogging up to, but yeah, sucks if you watch it for the story more than the swordgore & renfairporn aspect of it.
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