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“Headless” opens with an odd ambiance before unfolding into uncanny technical madness. The drumming is amazing. It’s so furious, I can barely comprehend it. Brutal and punishing. The riffing is complex and mind blowing to say the least. The vocals are face-melting. I am in love with Inside The Beehive. This first track, less than two minutes long has turned me into a life-long fan. True story.

“Mothra” opens with a fantastic chugging riff. The drumming, once again, is fantastic. The riffing is the kind of start-stop riffing that orders you to head bang. Regardless of your surroundings. Not only is it a complex, jazzy riff, it is unbelievably catchy. The vocals are throat-shredding and very well executed. The section beginning around 1:58 is soothing while remaining energetic. Every note that this band plays is pure gold. I love that thick bass line. Around 2:30, everything drops down a notch. The entire vibe of the track shifts into a slow, melodic state. The vocals are low, but still great. The drums slowly bring the chaos back in for the remaining seconds. Insanely good. Insane, I tell you. I love it.

“One Eye Clown Car” opens with 25 seconds of feedback before breaking into an all out melee of melodic chaos. I fucking love this riff. Technical and brutal. The drumming keeps a nice, steady pace making it easy to head bang to this track. This track is short, but sweet. Nothing negative to say about it whatsoever.

“150 Degrees In The Shade” bursts right into the insane mathcore meets grinding fury vibe that this band pulls off oh-so well. The drumming is extraordinary. Constantly shifting the pace and altering the vibe of the track on the drop of a dime. Mid-way through the track everything shifts to a slower but still chaotic segment. I love how everything is layered with this band. Nothing stands out more than anything else. The vocals are never too loud or overpowering. Everything remains equal and I love it. Killer track.

“Bio-Feedback” opens with a great melodic riff. The vocals come in and harness the chaotic energy this band puts off. This track has a bit of everything I’ve mentioned so far in this review plus the introduction of clean vocals (no singing, just cleaner). Crazy, complex riffing, insanely spot-on drumming. Vicious vocals and constant tempo changes. What else could you ask for. I could see people going absolutely insane to this track in a live setting. The clean vocals around 2:27 give off a Daughters vibe which is in no way a bad thing. Towards the end of the track things slow down a bit. It’s still absolute madness, but just at a slower pace. The guitar work here makes me think of a band I used to listen to called Into The Moat. They were a killer band as are Inside The Beehive. Love this track. Fucking amazing.

“Heatstroke” opens with an absolutely Daughters-eque vibe. This track has Daughters written all over it. The vocals, maybe not, but the music for sure. The vocals are fantastic, however. The riffing is extraordinary. Fast and tech savvy. The drumming is lightning quick and pummeling. Everything about this band screams achievement. These dudes work hard to create amazing music that should be heard by the world. Fucking amazing record, dudes. Thanks so much for letting me hear it before the actual release. Grind or die, brothers. Grind or die.

Rating: 5/5
For fans of: Daughters, Car Bomb, An Isle Ate Her
Favorite track: “Bio-Feedback”
John Barlow
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You're doing it wrong.
Bashar al-Asad
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vanilla gorilla
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November 23 2011 3:29 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
this is actually pretty good

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John Barlow
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Ticklish Cage
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