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About Project Independent:

Project Independent is an international touring artist showcase program specifically designed
for the discovery & development of independent metal artists.

Each year P.I. coordinates w/ promoters & venues from around the world to find the best independent metal artists in the area. P.I. then invites these artists to participate in a exclusive artist showcases, where they perform in front of their peers & in the presence of P.I. A&R. The best artists from each event are then selected to participate in our online voting process, exposing them to millions of metal fans throughout the world who will vote to decide the next Project Independent Featured Artist.

At Project Independent, they put the power to be heard in the hands of the fans and artists. Support metal & help send your favorite artist on a 60-day promotional tour. Each Featured Artist is also rewarded with a full length CD manufactured & distributed by Project Independent, equipment upgrades from their sponsors, & MORE!

Voting will include three rounds each lasting 10 days.

Round 1 (Dec 1 - 10)
122 Participating Bands
Top 61 Advance

Round 2 (Dec 11 - 20)
61 Participating Bands
Top 20 Advance

Final Round (Dec 21 - 31)
20 Participating Bands
Winner Announced Jan 1

NOTE: Counters will be reset at the end of each round.
It is important to vote 5 times a day, everyday, to get us through each round.

You can vote 5 times a day per 24 hours. (Based on I.P. Address)

If you vote 5 times on Monday at 1PM, you cannot vote again until Tuesday at 1:01PM.
This is also based on I.P. Address. If you have multiple computers using the same internet
connection, it will only work for one computer.


Just the tip?
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