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A lot of people have been asking for this over the years, so here it is:
The official 10th anniversary re-release of probably the only PG release worth re-releasing: "Everything"

Originally out in 2002 on Jon Silpayamanant's short-lived I.N.K. Recordings (INK009), "Everything" was, as I recall, meant to be some sort of conceptual sonic exploration (maaan) of multidimensional physics...and socks. Variations on a noise, stretched through 10 "dimensions" (aka "tracks"). But don't take my word for it. See what pre-eminent noise gourmet Joe Lombardo had to say about "Everything" at the time:

Praying Gods continue to bafal [sic] and entertain me with their tripped out, seemingly science-fiction influenced noise. This ten tracked honey is sure to be the envy of every Sci-Fi fan on your block. The first track uses the complete spectrum of noise allowed by my computer, impressive to watch as it was to listen. The next is saturated with delay and fluttering low end noise coupled with tinkered concrete sounds that are occasionally mixed with loops or blasted with a massive dose of feedback. Track three is a wall of bleeps and burps that are severed and at the minute half mark and mixed with more of the same type of noise that was demonstrated in the first track, but a little less dense. Each track seems to have an introduction from some science program or something and track four actually uses that and some other sound bites in the beginning then becomes a collage of loops with noise fading in and out of audible range. Low end noise is then periodically blasted into overdrive and fries the speakers with intense feedback. Track six is manic on the head as is most of this CDR. Lots of repetition in higher frequencies and completely exploiting the full range of sounds that human senses can digest. For me, track eight is the best of the ten and arguably the harshest. Utter noise destruction from a wall of noise you will love to play again. The next two tracks are much easier to stomach and with eight fresh in my brain, most of you are going to need them.

- Joseph Lombardo
Noiseboard433, 2002

Science, noises, dimensions, socks... A perfect theory of "Everything"

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14 Posts

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how the fuck do you make links??
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