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Time Husk
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March 26 2012 4:54 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
Moving my shop into a new space next week and need some new equipment and supplies for the big move.
Please forward to any interested parties. Thanks.

Bid Hard. Bid Hard. Bid Fucking Hard.

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324 - Soulwinter 7" Bastard Death Side Gauze GISM SOB Napalm Death Rotten Sound HG Fact
ANARCHUS - 500 Years of Infamy 7" Massacre 68 Sedicion Brujeria Assuck Agathocles
BARATHRUM - Jetblack 7" Horna Vlad Tepes Beherit Bethlehem Impaled Nazarene Azaghal
BLUDWULF - Tribal Instinct 7" Parasite Gates GISM Bastard Death Side Syphilitic Vaginas Sabbat Abigail
BROKEN BONES - No One Survives 7" Discharge GBH English Dogs Varukers Sacrilege Exploited Chaos UK ENT
BRUTAL TRUTH / CONVERGE 7" Cave In Integrity Jesuit Coalesce Isis Botch Catharsis Sabbath
BRUTAL TRUTH / RUPTURE 7" Grief Eyehategod Meat Shits Anal Cunt Infest Noothgrush MITB Bastard Noise
BRUTAL TRUTH / SPAZZ 7" Rupture Infest Man Is The Bastard Noise Eyehategod Dystopia
CAVITY / CABLE / JESUIT / OVERCAST 2x7" Black Sabbath Converge Isis Integrity Catharsis Eyehategod
CAVE-IN / BOTCH 7" Converge Integrity Isis Hydra Head Catharsis Eyehategod Black Sabbath
CHOKEHOLD - Instilled 7" Earth Crisis Converge Strife Bane Integrity Brotherhood Trial
CIRCUS LUPUS - Tightrope Walker 7" Fugazi Trenchmouth Dischord Ignition Swiz Soulside
CONDOMINIUM - Gag 7" Crazy Spirit Homostupids White Wards Double Negative Drunkdriver Vile Gash
THE COUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINERS - Reeking Rhapsodies...7" Carcass Nasum General Surgery Haemorrhage
DEAD WORLD - Dead World 7" Godflesh Scorn Fear Factory Meathook Seed Hybernoid Spine Wrench
DESPISE YOU / SUPPRESSION 7" Infest Crossed Out MITB Spazz Dropdead Rupture Excruciating Terror
DISCORDANCE AXIS / COSMIC HURSE 7" Slap A Ham Infest MITB Bastard Noise Neanderthal Powerviolence
DISCORDANCE AXIS / CAPITALIST CASUALTIES 7" Slap A Ham Infest MITB Bastard Noise Neanderthal Powerviolence
DYSTOPIA / GRIEF 7" Noothgrush Eyehategod 13 Corrupted Infest Man Is The Bastard Misanthropic
DYSTOPIA / SUFFERING LUNA 7" Grief Corrupted Eyehategod 13 16 Infest Noothgrush
Dystopia / SUFFERING LUNA 7" Eyehategod Noothgrush Grief Corrupted 13 16 Infest
EMBALMER - There Was Blood Everywhere 7" NunSlaughter Incantation Autopsy Repulsion Impetigo
GENERAL SURGERY - Necrology 7" Carcass Napalm Death Nasum Birdflesh Last Days of Humanity Relapse
ISIS / PIG DESTROYER 7" Carcass Godflesh Neurosis Napalm Death Agoraphobic Nosebleed Converge
MACABRE - Nightstalker 7" Carcass Pungent Stench Repulsion Impetigo Master
MAN IS THE BASTARD / AGATHOCLES 7" Infest Neanderthal Crossed Out Drop Dead No Comment Bastard Noise
MASTODON - Slick Leg 7" 1st Press Original Neurosis Kylesa Red Fang Converge Baroness
MERZBOW / GORE BEYOND NECROPSY 7" GISM Nasum Warsore Syphilitc Vaginas Death Side Bastard Noise Gauze
MORBOSIDAD - Bajo El Egendro Del Crucificado 7" Proclamation Inquisition Blasphemy Beherit Conqueror
MORGION - Travesty 7" Neurosis Dystopia Grief Nausea Mindrot Nihilist Embittered Skaven Phobia
MORTICIAN - Mortal Massacre 7" Autopsy Incantation Nile Death Metal Relapse Single
MORTICIAN - House By The Cemetery 7" Autopsy suffocation Nile Death Metal Relapse Single
MORTICIAN - Zombie Apocalypse 7" Autopsy Vital Remains suffocation Incantation Death Metal Relapse
NEUROSIS / SOILENT GREEN 7" Converge Isis Grief Corrupted Noothgrush Black Sabbath
NUNSLAUGHTER / BLOODSICK 7" Blashpemy Proclamation Bathory Beherit Sarcofago Inquisition
PARASITE / BLUDWULF 7" GISM Bastard Death Side Syphilitic Vaginas Gates Sabbat Abigail
PHOBIA - All That Remains 7" Infest Crossed Out Neanderthal Napalm Death Dystopia Relapse
PHOBIA - Enslaved 7" Slap A Ham Infest Crossed Out MITB Neanderthal Napalm Death
PUTRID - God Forsaken 7" Necropsy Nihilist Entombed Demigod Sentenced Hooded Menace Carnage
V/A - SON OF BLLLEEEEAAAUUURRRRGGHHH! 7" Infest MITB Crossed Out Neanderthal Slap A Ham Melvins Sockeye
V/A - BLLLEEEEAAAUUURRRRGGHHH! - A MUSIC WAR 7" Slap A Ham Infest MITB Crossed Out Noothgrush Final Conflict
ANIHILATED - Created In Hate LP Test Pressing Amebix Antisect Anti-System Sacrilege Deviated Instinct Hellbastard
DARKEST HOUR - So Sedated, So Secure LP At The Gates Entombed Carcass Disfear Southern Lord
DISCORDANCE AXIS - The Inalienable Dreamless LP Orig. 1st Press Nasum Hydra Head Melt Banana Isis Converge
EXHUMED - Anatomy Is Destiny LP Clear Vinyl /100 Impaled Carcass Napalm Death Bolt Thrower Nasum
KYLESA / CREAM ABDUL BABAR LP 1st Press Clear Vinyl Neurosis Eyehategod Isis Grief Mastodon Baroness
PHOBIA - Means of Existence LP Pink Vinyl Neanderthal Infest MITB No Comment Crossed Out Slap A Ham
PHOBIA - Return To Desolation LP Infest Crossed Out No Comment Neanderthal Spazz Dystopia
ROTTEN SOUND - Under Pressure LP Nasum Napalm Death Carcass Terrorizer Repulsion Last Days of Humanity
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March 26 2012 5:07 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
Got some good shit in there. I may peruse.
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