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Pulp Free
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May 23 2012 8:33 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
Over the course of time I have figured out that if you find yourself saying “What the hell did I jus...

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Yodel Toast
que te follen
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May 23 2012 9:01 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
Thank you for helping me cross this one off my list.

I'd love to hear your review of Eraserhead.
Pulp Free
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May 23 2012 9:12 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
I like Eraserhead. It's one of the few Lynch films I do like.
John Barlow
Vodka Party
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May 23 2012 11:50 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
I'm going to write an art house flick that will probably steal the show at Cannes. It will be a biography of Nipsey Russell set in an alternate reality where he is actually an undercover agent for America's shadow government known only as F.O.R.M. (yes, it's an acronym, but you never find out what for because that's art you fucking idiots). The movie culminates when Nipsey inexplicably stands up and pisses on the heads of Betty White and Richard Dawson as they unrobe and make out on the set of the $25,000 Pyramid. Roll credits. Eat your heart out, Lars Von Queer. You can take your acorn rain and fuck your own ass with it. I'm a genius.
Daniel Lyndon
Time Husk
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May 24 2012 7:00 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
I do not agree, i apologize: i am actually not apologetic at all: and Yodel Toast should get to watch a movie for herself instead of letting decide by others, but most importantly, thank God, for art films and for those who at least try to make movies like this one, to test new waters, explore new dynamics, better,innovative,daring filmmaking! What: you guys want films made for the masses,the usual, vulgar formula? You don't think you get enough of those,already? No, you must also critique who tries to broaden the horizons, a little, to have the guts to try something that wants to be different and to tell with a diverse angle a complicated yet fascinating, erotic plot!
Do not believe what he said, i would have thought this review had some integrity until a certain point, but even mocking the hipsters of the local coffee house, is just in bad taste: and who would they be? Not certainly people who'd know about an intense movie like this, but, maybe, those actually who love the same films you probably adore, as well!
Culture is the designated mourner (somebody named Harold Pinter said this..) and it is sadly true: but i ask to anyone who likes something new,unsettling, haunting and stylish to watch this film and enjoy its experience!
Great performances,stylized atmospheres,and cinematography makes of this a real little Cult!
Pulp Free
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May 24 2012 8:15 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
Was my insult on the "hipsters at the local coffee shop" a cheap shot? sure it was. But like I said in my review of Von Tier's Antichrist, there is a point where if you let the "art" take over too much you are going to lose most of the audience and if your mission is to only please an audience that thinks they "get" your vision, then you are going to come off pretentious.

To answer your question, No I don't want just another vulgar film. I appreciate when people take chances. If you took a second to read, I gave credit to Fulci and Argento, who obviously inspired the director of this film. While I'm not necessarily the biggest fan of Suspiria, it definitely sets the bar as how to blend in just enough artistic expression as to not ruin the credibility of the film. Fulci absolutely nailed it too with The Beyond. Cristopharo had a good idea but took the film in so many odd directions that you almost forget what is going on. I felt like a good amount of the scenes weren't meant to enhance the story but more just to be eye candy. Much like the cheap gore of all the Saw clones of recent years.

The only credit i'll give the film in terms of cinemtography, and maybe I cheated the review by not mentioning this, is the fact that alot of the film plays out like the audience is watching a play in a theater. Other than that, there isn't anything truly inspirational about any aspect of it.
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