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Time to Take Away the Whip!

IT’S WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS! This Valentine’s Day, the Illinois Senate voted 34-21 in favor of same-sex marriage; and should the same bill pass in the House, the Land of Lincoln will become the tenth state to fall in line with the homosexual agenda. But what are these politicians thinking!? More importantly, what are we, as a nation, allowing? Can’t we see that something sinister is happening?

One thing that should trigger a huge red flag is the fact that the vast majority in this nation are not homosexual. In other words, the gay lifestyle is not customary. Far from it. In her May 31, 2012 article, ‘Americans Have No Idea How Few Gay People There Are,’ Garance Franke-Ruta of The Atlantic pointed at Gallop polls that suggest the real percentage of homosexuals may be as low as less than 2 percent. Even Gary Gates of the Williams Institute, a sexual orientation and public policy think-tank at UCLA School of Law, had to pop the “one in ten” myth balloon. In a December 2012 interview with’s Ramon Johnson, Gates could only claim an estimate of 4 percent. Whatever the real figure is, the tiny minority population of gays has, as Franke-Ruta writes, “an outsized place in the public imagination.”

Another sign that something is wrong is when put to the popular vote, same-sex marriage is defeated nearly every time. In November of this past year, Maine and Maryland were the first-ever states in which voters approved of the controversial issue, but barely. The nonprofit, nonpartisan collaborative encyclopedia,, showed the final results being Maryland 52–48 percent and Maine 52–46. Regardless, it still stands that the bulk of US citizens strongly believe that gays exchanging nuptial vows and “starting” families is off beam and amiss, and why shouldn’t they?


To begin with, just think biology, God’s blueprints of the two (and only two) models for mankind. A quick beginners glace at human anatomy will verify that boy parts don’t go with boy parts and girl parts don’t pair with girl parts. Male goes with female. Simple as that. Then there’s behavior: the more a boy acts like something he’s not (a prissy, dainty girl), and the more a girl acts like something she’s not (a stereotypical, macho boy), it’s simply stating the obvious to say that this is inconsistent, contradictory conduct; and family-oriented people (and that’s still most in the US) have always and naturally recognized these role-exchange personalities as noncooperation with society and, therefore, disturbing and annoying if not suspicious. After all, as everyone but the brainwashed and the unrealistic will tell you, the best and most instinctive thing for a child’s healthy upbringing is having his own, real, male dad living with his own, real, female mom—which is why in broken homes everywhere, restoring something as similar as possible to that model is the driving goal of moms and dads.

This kind of common sense, and not (as some claim) mere tradition, is the first and foremost impetus of “one man, one woman” advocates. And make no mistake: when it comes to the perverted, chaotic implications of same-sex marriage, most Americans get it, even if the only place they dare express their opinion is at the polls!


So why the cave-ins? Why have the powers that be gone against the lifestyles and will of America’s majority? For fear of one word: intolerance. This is the capital offence, the greatest of all modern-day crimes, especially as it pertains to the gay agenda; and once indicted, you can forget society’s sense of American justice! Without reasoning or reasonableness, you are deeply and mercilessly branded, guilty until proven innocent. No freedom of speech for you.

Truth be told, big money and big names have enabled a pathetically small group of hyper-aggressive, highly-organized bullies to gain an upper hand in our country; and the ever-increasing use of the pro-homosexual’s intolerance accusations have become a manipulative whip that has thrashed people out of politics, entertainment, public and private jobs, education, the military, religion—you name it. And how many times have we heard of people wanting to leave the gay lifestyle that are ruthlessly flogged for leaving their “alternative” orientation? So severe and long reaching has this whip, this hasty and harsh charge of lovelessness and incivility become that the mere thought of its sting causes people to cringe, to cease from saying the apparent, even to breaking the law (e.g., the military’s recent willingness to defy DOMA, which is still on the books, and perform gay marriage ceremonies).

Exaggeration? Think again. Take a look at what just happened to former Honolulu councilman, Gary Okino. He made a statement that he "felt" gays are immoral and deviant, and the next day—crack!—the people at KITV, a local news station, used the whip. Immediately Mr. Okino back peddled from what he really believes (what is obvious to him) and was obliged to step down from being on the ethics appeal's board. Put it this way, the former councilman was pressured into saying the emperor has beautiful clothes. He didn’t want to appear intolerant.

More than likely, that was the case in Illinois.


Talk about red flags, the galling factor of this whole same-sex marriage issue is that gays are not really as interested in traditional marriage as they claim—and yes, there’s proof for that statement.
In 2006, Caleb H. Price, a research analyst, wrote a notable article in Citizen Magazine entitled ‘Do Gays Really Want Marriage?’ in which he cited statistics from several European countries that legalized either same-sex marriage or “civil unions.” Keep in mind that the following percentages (2004 and 2005 figures) are not of national populations but those of the minority group itself. Within Holland’s gay community, only 3.6 percent of homosexuals entered a same-sex marriage. In Belgium it was 1.96 percent. For France (the highest) it was 7.38 percent and for Germany, .59 percent. In addition, New Zealand’s civil union legalization only attracted .47 percent of the homosexual population to hook up; and as for Tasmania, only 58 couples, .97 percent of the same-sex community, registered for “domestic partnership.”

Price also noted the figures in the then 5 US states that had legalized some form of civil unions, and those figures were as follows: in New Jersey, only 3.75 percent of the homosexuals registered; in California, it was only 9.4; in Vermont, it was a grand total of 16 percent; in Connecticut, 1.17; and in Massachusetts, it was only 10.2.

As the saying goes, “I’m not hatin’, just statin’.

If not for financial benefits, it would seem (as others have pointed out) that homosexual couples want same-sex marriage legislation in order to force what their lifestyle can never be: moral, natural, and without cultural consequence! This should be evident in yet another indication of the societal sabotage by which so many of our politicians and other high-profile figures are hoodwinked (and, I’m sure, willingly so): that mind-numbing repetition. Schools, movies, magazines, and other public organs are constantly saying of homosexuality, “It’s normal. It’s normal. It’s normal. It’s normal” Well my friend, if a practice has to be so constantly drummed as being inherent, unforced, and benign, rest assured it’s not!


Let me add this: people scream that Christians are being intolerant when we say homosexuality is wrong, but this is the old straw-man tactic, deflecting from the real issue by drawing attention to another one. Our position is not, in essence, a matter of intolerance or, as it is rashly claimed, violent and dangerous animosity toward practicing homosexuals. Just remember, we’re the ones who preach Jesus’ birth announcement of “peace and good will toward men,” and we’re the ones who were promoting forgiveness long before gay activists began twisting the notion to their advantage. Nevertheless, when it comes to defining and exposing what homosexuality is, the real “crime” we Christians are guilty of is sounding the alarm and telling it like it is!

Absolutely, we are interested in helping and having compassion on people. Just look around at all the Christian social organizations and community outreaches that blanket this country. But be that as it may, never forget that Christianity also strengthens and confirms what is forever evident, especially when it comes to morality. We teach murder is wrong because it is wrong—always has been, always will be—and every human being knows it. We teach loving our neighbor is right because it is right—always has been, always will be—and every human being knows it. Truth—pure, bottom-line, even-when-it-offends-me truth—is the foundation of Christianity; and concerning homosexuality (let alone homosexual marriage) we teach it is abnormal and sexually immoral: yes, because God says it is, and, yes, because it is abnormal and sexually immoral—always has been, always will be—and people around the globe, Christian or otherwise, who are free from the lash of the intolerance whip know it and say so!


The word “queer” has become taboo these days, but look it up in the dictionary: it carries the meaning of being strange, atypical, and unconventional, as well as being unwell and nauseous. Ironically, that is exactly what is happening concerning the legalization of same-sex marriage in this nation. It is odd, bizarre, and sickening that a country famous for championing republican democracy and “a government of the people” is consciously turning the reigns over to the tyranny of a special-treatment-seeking minority, a social-dictator aristocracy who are the real intolerants of this issue at hand: the pro-homosexual crowd.

America, we have got to stop rolling over and playing dead (as the gay agenda wants)! We must blow the whistle on contemporary interpretations of intellectualism, progress, and tolerance that, in the end, deny what homosexuality is and what it is not. It is imperative that we turn up the heat and confront our intimidators who are in the media, education, and wherever else they are laying in wait; and that includes third-party abusers: those who crack the whip out of the dysfunctional fear of being sued, blackballed, or attacked themselves. It's time to shift the argument and declare that opposition to same-sex marriage isn't about heartless, unreasonable prejudice, it's about the freedom to speak what is so obvious to the greater public and the right to establish and defend what is the subsequent will of that populace.

Don’t lose heart or focus. Take advantage of the American tradition of opposing government manhandling by raising your voice in relentless and swelling protest and by putting special-interest politicians in their place. We must bring and we can bring an end to the use of the whip, for common sense, nature, and—yes—God Almighty are on our side!

i understand that advertising revenue is revenue but holy crap, this is some of the most bigoted shit i've ever seen.

the pastor that wrote this has been a constant pain in the dick to me and i called him a bigot today since he's waged a campaign to try and make everyone that isn't a member of his church seek salvation. i've had numerous members of his church confront me with pamphlets, books, bibles, you name it. normally i don't get perturbed by nonsense but after reading this, i got really pissed off and he happened to be in the shop and tried once again to tell me that i was going to hell for not seeking him out for spiritual guidance. i finally had it and let him know that i didn't appreciate him and his bigotry. from what i understand, their cult tactics are going to be doubled to be a bigger pain in my ass.
Jason Voorheees
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April 3 2013 10:28 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
start accusing him in public of molesting little boys every time he or one of his robots accosts you. there's a decent chance - statistically- that he has, but even if he hasn't, just making him publicly say "I did not molest little boys" will be priceless, and if you get it on tape, you can post it on youtube. that or give him a good swift kick in the nuts. either way, run that scum out of your town. there's no room for that kind of bullshit anymore.
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