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Fuck Nazis.
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"i'd love to see all the money spent to maintain zoos used to buy and maintain actual habitat around the world."

I'd love to see some or all of the money spent on LOTS of things used to buy and maintain vast swaths of real wilderness.
Bashar al-Asad
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Aldo Leopold
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Swedish zoo admits killing nine healthy lion cubs because they became ‘surplus’ animals

Only two of 13 cubs born to different litters at animal park have survived past five years

A zoo in Sweden has said it euthanised healthy lion cubs because it could no longer keep them.

Boras Djurpark, an animal park around 25 miles from Gothenberg, admitted it had put down nine healthy lion cubs since 2012.

“I think they were killed after two years,” Mr Kjellson told Swedish broadcaster SVT.

The decision to kill the African lions comes as the zoo admits on its website that the animals are in the “vulnerable” category, just two categories away from being “endangered” or “critically endangered” and that “They are often found in protected areas where poaching occurs.”

The population has decreased so much worldwide that in 2015 African lions became protected under the US Endangered Species Act.

Boras Djurpark’s website adds: “The world’s zoos are now trying to collaborate in the creation of viable populations, like for the Asian lion, which is a subspecies.”

The lions that were put down at Boras Djurpark were named Potter, Weasley, Simba, Rafiki, Nala, Sarabi, Kiara, Kovu and Banzai, according to Espressen newspaper.

Simba, Rafiki, Nala and Sarabi were born in spring 2012 and all killed in autumn 2013.

Kiara, Banzai and Kovu were born in spring 2014 before being killed in 2015.

The following year four lions named after Harry Potter characters were born. They were named: Weasley, Granger, Dolores and Potter.

Potter and Weasley were killed and Granger and Dolores were sent to a zoo in the UK

Helena Pederson, a researcher in animal studies at Gothenburg University, told SVT the euthanisation of animals in zoos raised the question of whether such institutions should be open.

“It is clear that there is a contrast to the public's perception of what a zoo is," she said.

“To kill animals as part of the organisation, I think that upsets quite a few.

“I think we need to contemplate on why it's important for us to have zoos and if it's worth the price the animals pay for it.”

Pedersen called the practice of utilizing the newborn cubs for profit only to get rid of them at a later stage "cynical."

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