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Shanaya Fastje is a Public relations dream job. Not only is she accomplished, she is capable of handling her own affairs. When I write these releases I always send them directly to her for approval and, usually, within minutes, has it proofread, corrected, and parts even re written so that when I get it all I have to worry about is posting it. I love working with her.
Shanaya Fastje (15) is an up and coming young lady. She is a four time published award winning teen author. She is also in demand as a national motivational speaker, as well as a singer-songwriter with a wonderful voice and is also an accomplished actress.
At this time she is working on projects, such as ...screenwriting 2 feature films, finishing her 5th book a science-fiction, and has released multiple, original, musical compositions.
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Shasta McNasty
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Originally posted by: Cumby

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Originally posted by: ass nipples

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