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Originally posted by: Kadesh

Originally posted by: the cat

If you freeze water the entropy will decrease within that system. This is because an ice cube isn't the same thing as the entire universe.

Davey was right and you are wrong. Yes, it is that simple.

Let me see I understand what your saying, entropy is a gradual decline into disorder so if you freeze water, it becomes less disordered?

You're putting in parameters here. Your assuming that there is always something that will freeze water. An ice cude isn't the same thing as the universe but it is in the universe. Because the ice cube is in the universe, what happens to the universe effects the ice cube. The ice cube will eventually circum to the universe's temperature around it. We eventually are the same temperature as our surroundings.

You're being stubborn bro. I'm not sure how you can't see with your eyes that although we're not the universe, we're related to it. In effect we grow old, we do die, so does everything inside the universe.

lol, Justin is a physicist.
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^Hey, Matt. You know how I always tell you that you should really study the actual science as you don't understand it? Yeah.. THIS.

No, Matt, taking a couple gen-ed courses that you barely paid any attention to and reading creationist books is no substitute for actually having a decent education in science.
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August 4 2015 1:38 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
without looking, what's the first law of thermodynamics? what's the zeroth law? I kindly advise you to not quote things you don't even know about, because you can't even quote them properly, let alone understand them
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