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By looking and reading on the new series of resident evil looks interesting and spooky

The eleventh entry into the popular Resident Evil series will be released next year for PlayStation and Xbox One and it will be also played using a PlayStation VR helmet. The survival-horror video game was announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2016, an event where 50,000 has participated. Capcom has talked about Resident Evil 7 during the press conference hosted by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The first Resident Evil was released in 1996 and “Umbrella Corps” is the latest multiplayer-based tactical shooter that was launched in June. Per total, until now, Capcom has sold over 50 million units and the game has become even more successful after being brought to non-Sony

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard will be played from a first-person perspective and the player will use all kinds of weapons to fight enemies. The developers have confirmed the addition of different artifacts and objects and they will bring new characters, a new location (a rural mansion in America) and these things have been already unveiled in a demo from the game. One of the gamers who have tested the demo, named Nick Summers, said that the game “took place in an old, dilapidated house with smashed windows and broken floorboards. A frightening woman chased me inside the building, and there was little to do but desperately search for an escape route. I would throw myself through doors and frantically look in each room, hunting for something — anything — that could serve as a weapon. Before long my pursuer would draw near however, spewing threats in a ghoulish voice.”

The demo called “Beginning Hour” was released two months ago and in the playable teaser, the main character must escape from the mansion and during his struggle, he interacts with objects and artifacts, until he finds out about what happened in the house. The family that used to live here has gone missing and there are some rumors about a mysterious son, a TV crew comes to record a paranormal show and one of the producers dies during the filming. The main character will decide how the teaser will end, depending on his interaction with the objects.

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