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January 6 2017 9:51 PM   QuickQuote Quote  

Jesus Christ, I'm So Excited :)
Some Of You May Know Me From My Singles or Photography or My Videos.
For Those Who Don't Know Who I Am, I Ain't Shit, But Hear Me Out.

I'm 18. I Make My Own Beats. I Make My Own Cover Art. Everything I Do Is Completely Me & Any Flaw That May Be Found In My Music Is
Just A Representation Of That Fact. No Matter What I Fucking Think, Whether Its A Whole Song Or Just A Tune,
I Put It Into This Project With A Lot Of Heart & Soul. But Not In A Bad Way Ya Get Me.

If Your Looking For Someone Who Talks About Ferragamo and Gucci, This Project Isn't For You. No Hate, Shoutout
To Quavo. But Fuck That Noise, This Project Is Completely Me. End Of Story.

My Songs Are Pretty Much About Suburbia, My Fuck Nigga Biological, Beating My Meat, Procrastion, &
Shit Like That If You're Into That Stuff.

Tyler really wasn't kidding. 2dopeboyz & nahright really don't fuck with up and coming artists.
I'm def gonna do my part with contacting blogs and stuff, but if you like what you hear then look out for
ya boy and tell your friends. Call me an attention whore but I love hearing what other people have to say
about my shit. FACTS.

ALSO, if you know of any blogs, flood my shit in their inboxes and dm's. I'm smiling so freaking much right now I look
like an idiot. I love you all.
Thanks for listening if you do. REWOP FOREVER.

P.S. Sorry I'm late on the release. I wanted it to be perfect. I hope y'all like it.

click here for link

forum General Music Discussion ›› My first shitty ep is done ›› new reply Post Reply

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