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DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records are really excited to announce the Re-release, Remixed and Remastered version of debut album of prog metal band SYNAPTIK from England.
The album titled "The Mechanisms of Consequence" Reissue Brain Spark edition remix, contains 9 songs in vein of technical Progresive Metal, featuring Alan Tecchio ex Hades and Watchtower as special guest..
The digital release will be available on December 30th on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Shazam...

SYNAPTIK is a British heavy metal band from the East Coast of England. Formed in 2012, the band’s music incorporates genres such as Thrash, Power & Progressive metal.
Synaptik liberally mix the band members’ eclectic range of influences creating a hybrid sound-scape with an appeal that transcends music genres. Melody, heavier-than-a-blackhole-riffage, dynamic vocals, death metal aggressiveness and more combined to create the Synaptik spark.

SYNAPTIK members have, in the past, shared stages with bands such as IRON MAIDEN, EXODUS, ONSLAUGHT and many more.

Such a wealth of experience and endless talent creates a back-bone of integrity, quality and a powerhouse live performance every time.
Merging various metal genres including but not limited to classic rock, classical, prog, tech, thrash and heavy metal allows SYNAPTIK to explore unique avenues with toe curling precision.

1. Truths That Wake
2. A Man Dies
3. Your Cold Dead Trace
4. Irresistible Shade
5. Vacancy Of Mind
6. As I Am, As I Was
7. Utopia In Our Eyes
8. Allies
9. Your Cold Dead Trace (Alan Tecchio verses)

“The Mechanisms of Consequence” is an album that impresses from the first to the last song with its mix of emotion, aggression, heavy guitars & melodic
vocal style. Founded in eastern England in 2012 by brothers John and Ian Knight, SynaptiK passionately connect Progressive Metal with Death/Thrash Metal, melody with brutality on their debut album.
Carried by John`s voice and words which draw their inspiration from personal experiences, human emotion and world events SynaptiK can be found in
the intersection of such big names as Queensryche, Nevermore, Death, Atheist and Psychotic Waltz.

Ranging from the heavy opener “Truths That Wake” to “Your Cold Dead Trace” featuring Alan Tecchio (ex Hades /Watchtower as guest vocalist whose
contribution creates a chorus that implants itself in your head then refuses to leave) to the atmospheric and dynamic “As I Am, As I Was “.
The second album titled "“Justify & Reason” will be launch in March 10th. 2017.

Band Members:
John Knight Vocals
Pete Loades Drums
Ian Knight Guitarist
Kev Jackson Bass
Jack Murton Lead Guitarist

Twitter: @synaptikmetal
Instagram: synaptikmetal

Label contact:

Press Bureau contact:


“The drumming harmonizes so wonderfully with the pumping bass and melodic guitar, confident vocals. Fast rhythm change and beautiful accents, guest vocals from Alan Tecchio fit in perfectly alongside John Knight’s atmospheric, melodic and soulful vocals a serious offering from these newcomers from Britain”
8.5 /10.

and No2 on the Powerplay
Soundcheck of the months album charts
(2nd only to Sanctuary.)
Others in the list NonPoint, Evergrey, Slash & Cannibal Corpse

“This is probably the most exciting debut I’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing. Got your attention? Good, because from here on it only gets better. 94/100

“A perfect storm of metal aggression and technical precision.The Mechanisms of Consequence is one of those albums that has the potential to win over converts from multiple genres. Synaptik is a band you’re going to want to check out.”
Justin Gaines Senior Columnist.
Hardrock Haven Rating: 8/10

“An album that keeps you guessing as it constantly twists and turns while demanding your complete attention”
David Thrower, UK Power Play Magazine

“One of the most impressive debut albums which this reviewer has had the pleasure of hearing for a very, very long time”
Mark Ashby, Planet

“Synaptik are the best new British metal band you’ve never heard. But on the evidence of this album, that’s going to change very soon, a near-asdamn-
it perfect modern metal band”
Marcus Jervis (Powerplay Magazine UK)

“Much more than mere thrash metal these guys are joy to listen to, simply because they seem to have such a great understanding of what they want to do and how to do it. These guys are the real deal, great guitar solos and some top notch bass lines.. let the music consume you, this is not your
average thrash band, it chews you up then spits you out.”

“A debut album from a very promising band. Synaptik understands what fans of True Metal adore a band that follows their own path, they really have the talent & guts to play Metal like this”.
Metal to Infinity 8.5/10

“One of the most impressive debut albums which this reviewer has had the pleasure of hearing for a very, very long time”
Mark Ashby, Planet

"NEar as damn it perfect!
Powerpaly Magazine

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