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Sebastian Azul’s new single “I’m the Girl” is contemporary urban influenced pop music which seeks to empower and build hope in people’s lives. Lively, uptempo and dance friendly, this track explores the unique experience of individuals living with Tourette’s Syndrome and other everyday struggles. Conscious and compassionate, “I’m the Girl” is a track which can bring people together. Whether listening loosely to enjoy it’s fun atmosphere or more deeply to reflect on the poignant lyrical content, Sebastian Azul’s new track is mind expanding and soul enriching. Pop music with a heart, created by a very beautiful soul.

For Azul, creating an opportunity to discuss themes of acceptance and connection in this way is just part of being a modern artist. “I’m the Girl” is a message of empowerment which seeks to remind its audience about the struggles we all face and the human courage we all exhibit when we stand together and offer each other the best of ourselves. In this way, it is a deeply memorable track which explores a refreshing and unique emotional landscape.

Sebastian Azul is a creative artist who is dedicated to creating funky, uplifting and motivational music that transforms lives and creates new possibilities across global society. “I’m the Girl” is a track about overcoming life’s struggles and realizing one’s self worth in the face of adversity. Based in London, England, this dynamic musician takes on topics which are fre
quently not the center of R&B or contemporary pop music. An unsigned, independent artist, Sebastian has been influenced by legendary musicians such as Johnny Cash, Barry White, and Michael Jackson. It is easy to hear the pulse of classic golden era pop music at the center of “I’m the Girl” which maintains a playful and joyful tone across it’s running time.

All fans of moving and uplifting music will really enjoy Sebastian Azul’s beautiful new single “I’m the Girl”. Released from the forthcoming album, “Awareness is Power”, new single “I’m the Girl” is available at Be sure to check out this exciting new talent!

forum Hip Hop & Rap ›› Sebastian Azul drops empowering New Single “I’m th... ›› new reply Post Reply

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