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September 26 2017 7:23 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
Moscow based Nigerian singer Audira Nelson, brings you an eclectic mix of soul, dancehall and afropop in his smash new single ‘Calling for Love.’ Audira has been working countless hours in the studio to perfectly mix the cornucopia of sounds which influenced him, to create a song which both represents him as an individual but also provides DJs around the world with a go-to floor filling anthem. From Lagos to Moscow to London, this track will have everyone feeling a certain type of way on the dancefloor.
The widespread joy which breaks out whenever one of Audira’s tracks is played motivates him to make music. Soft catchy hooks, a frequent feature of Audira’s music, are also used on ‘Calling for Love’ to create an irresistible track which will stay on your mind for as long as snow stays on the streets of Russia during the winter.
Audira is determined to take his unique sound global and will do whatever it takes to create the funkiest music coming out of Moscow. He is influenced by musical legends past and present from a variety of genres. From Céline Dion to Shania Twain, from WizKid and P-Square to T-Pain and Bruno Mars to Akon, artists across the spectrum have influenced Audira to create his all-encompassing, club shutting-down groove. Urban Dubz strives to represent artists with unique sounds you will not hear anywhere else. Audira’s vibes are one of a kind and will be dominating a dancefloor near you in the very-near future.
‘Calling for Love’ is available for download on all major platforms from 20th September.
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forum Hip Hop & Rap ›› Audira’s latest single ‘Calling for Love’ will hav... ›› new reply Post Reply

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