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Case study research questions are different to that of the topic sentence. Experts suggest students should learn to differentiate between the topic heading and the question in order to understand what they intend to learn from the topic. According to experts associated with the online assignment help services in the UK, creating case study questions is strenuous, and there is no perfect guide to form good questions. However, there are instances of bad questions and students willing to save their case study, should keep the following things in mind-
Types of research questions:
When formulating the research questions for a case study assignment students should keep in mind the type they are working on. Descriptive researches, comparative research, testing research, exploratory and explanatory research, defining research, evaluative and normative research are to name a few of those types. With each of the type, the method to formulate questions does change. However, students need to remember that the question should be matched with the kind of research they want to do. Nonetheless, not all research types are suitable for the main research question. While some questions may fall into the category, others can be the combination of two or more types.
Qualities of good research questions:
As we have said earlier, there is no ready made list available on how to make good research questions. But there are lousy research questions, which can make the assignment irrelevant and sloppy. Experts say that research questions should be relevant, clear and simple, manageable, substantial and original, and interesting. If forming research questions following these aspects seems difficult to you, asking ‘please help to do research question for my assignment’ to the online academic help services will be useful. The experts are careful with the research question requirements. Students can always take help from the experts to present their imaginative abilities, arouse issues of academic and intellectual interests, and keep the questions on par with the depth of the research.
Apart from these, there are few other things that students should remember when drafting research questions for case study assignments-
?    Some questions should always represent the accuracy of the core ideas of the assignment
?    Answers to the research questions should lead to statistical data or evidence to expose scope for further studies
Students unable to manage the intricacies of forming research questions can always ask to the online academic help services- ‘help me write my assignment’ Complete guidance on all types of assignment writing, as well as academic problems, is solved by the online academic help experts. This is how they help the students in drafting a case study-
•    The title of a case study assignment should be able to attract its readers. No matter how difficult the topic is, pupils should choose one such aspect that is lesser explored and able to interest its target audience. UK students, who are unable to draft a relevant yet substantial topic, can ask the online academic help experts to guide them. Students can avail list of relevant topics from the experts.
•    Researching is another aspect that students struggle to manage. Seek help from the online academic help experts. They will provide sample assignments, online and offline study materials, and link of websites, journals and recent researches.
•    Help in editing and proofreading are also provided by the online academic writers.
•    Students unable to deal with referencing and in-text citation issues can also seek help from the experts.
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