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December 6 2017 2:54 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
Greetings all and thanks for making your way over to our 15th Development Blog. It’s been a little while since we updated the blog, but we’ve been hard at work on the game and we’re excited to talk a little about something we’ve been working on recently.

As many of you will know, this month we featured on the cover of PC Gamer Magazine! In addition to being a proud moment for the team, we also packed in some new screenshots, [url=]Hell Let Loose[/url]which you can see online, and spoke to Phil Savage about the game; the full write-up of which is featured in the April 2017 issue.
One aspect of Bannerlord that featured in the write-up is quests, which is what we’re discussing in this blog entry. As a sandbox game, the essential function of quests in Mount & Blade is different to that of a linear or story-based RPG. Our goal is to use quests as a way to encourage the player to interact with the sandbox, and help form the player’s relationships in the world.

As in Warband, completing quests for NPCs will increase your relation with that character. This however, takes on a new dimension in Bannerlord, as that relationship can have a more profound impact on your character, and the decisions you make. As an example, when you go to a town to recruit soldiers, instead of simply receiving a number of local recruits, the town’s NPCs act as recruiting agents, or middle men, through whom you receive a supply of troops. The higher your relation with a specific NPC, the greater the number of soldiers they will make available to you.

This places inherent value on your relationship with a specific NPC, giving you a reason to complete quests for them, and enhance your capacity to recruit soldiers quickly, from a single location. Consider, also, the way this invests you in an NPC’s safety and well-being; when that NPC is at risk, so too is your supply of soldiers. This link, between quests and the sandbox, is what provides interesting gameplay, as your character’s connection to the world grows, making allies and enemies. In this sense, the impact of a quest is often more significant than the reward it offers.

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