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Music is the catalyst for the journey into other realms of reality: spirituality, sexuality, and the supernatural. Zach Maxwell produces timeless music meant to awaken and transform, excite and entice. The songs picked for this EP began as part of psychedelic journeys into Self and evolved with meditation and contemplation. This is music with the goal of giving the listener a taste of Oneness: a transmission of higher consciousness through music.

The rhythm of life and the sound of unlimited possibility, “Music for Life” is a multidimensional exploration of consciousness. With Zach Maxwell guiding the ritual and joined by Master Ram Dass, this music will allow you to journey within and discover new ways of healing and expressing your truest self.

To the mysterious and enigmatic artist known as Zach Maxwell, music is a catalyst for the mystics journey: the inner exploration of finer realms of insight and deeper reaches of reality. A connection to the magic binding us all.

In the creative phase, artists tap into the tools of magic and the timeless power of vibration. Zach Maxwell is the alchemist and magician, the adept and avatar of Eros. A multi instrumentalist with a passion for performance, Zach knows how to create transformative moments of reflection and connection with his audiences.

Like the thrill of psychedelic exploration or the height of transcendental release, music is but a signpost, a reminder along the way, calling us back to feelings we always knew and times we never left.

“Music for Life” is the sound of transformation and rebirth; the escape from samara and the final initiation on the mystic’s quest for meaning. It was inspired by artists such as Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers, The Swan Silvertones, The Fairfield Four, Prince, Michael Jackson, Sweet Honey in the Rock, and Phish. It was guided by universal consciousness . It was delivered to you with openness and love.

I am without form
without limit
I am beyond space
beyond time
I am in everything
everything is in me
I am the bliss of the Universe
everywhere, I Am.
-Ram Tirtha

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