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Hey everyone,

I recently got into drum building for hobby. I would like to build myself another bass drum this summer, but I can't really decide on the size I want to try out. I play in two bands, one plays hardcore punk, the other experimental rock. I am going to refer mostly to my hardcore punk band in this thread, so those of you who don't know hardcore punk, just think loud metal...

Now, with my current bass drums I have had some difficulties. I am more active with my hardcore punk band; our guitar and bass player play considerably loud (such is the nature of hardcore punk,) and the biggest issue I confront is having my bass drum cut through the mix (un-mic'd.) I have a 22x16 that doesn't quite cut through well enough. I also have a monster of a 28x18 that does more than cut through the mix, but with that large of a size I sacrifice playability. The 28 incher was an experiment. It's a fun drum, but hardcore punk drumming is incredibly fast, so playability ease is mandatory.

Aside from playing hardcore punk, another considerable factor is the venues we play in (or lack thereof.) The majority of the places we play are small DIY spots with no mic'ing. So i need a bass drum that's going to fill these rooms, and cut through the guitar and bass mix.

Basically, a loud, cutting (punchy) bass drum. Heres the sizes I have been tossing around in my mind lately:


I played on a 20x20 recently at a show and got a couple compliments on its thunderous sound. I couldn't tell much from behind the set, but it was an easy drum to play. I'm curious about the 22x22, and the 24x24. Again, the playability is my biggest concern, these drums could be too hard to push the air through while playing as fast as we do.

Please help

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