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hey guys ,

I've been enjoying music as an entertainment outlet for a long time. My tastes in music have changed throughout my life as I find new music that relates to what I feel inside.I don't really consume popular music however, I feel that mostly it saturates very quickly and does not offer nutrition. After listening to Frank Zappa's critiques on the music industry in some of his interviews, I'm wondering if the same things are happening in many of the various niche facets of the music industry today.

Basically from what I got out of his comments were this: there was only really a market for formula music, music was made more for advertising a lifestyle than just for the sake of making music, and recording companies and distributors pressured artists by holding them responsible to pay for much of the promotion and distribution.My girlfriend did pr emailing for a really successful edm dj a while back so I got to talk to him about it. He said people spend thousands of dollars on promoting events and music through social media. He described it as "pay money to win." Also from what I understand of labels, you have to make similar music to whats already on the label, and they take the intellectual property rights when you sign on.In these observations, I see a recipe for artistic stagnation. Are these edm moguls really trying to connect with people on a personal level, and enrich cultural dialogues, or are they just trying to sell me a product?

Please help

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