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I am putting great effort into learning C++ and being able to solve problems using my own style. Nonetheless, I am nowhere at the level I feel is worth mentioning. I first began reading and practicing C++ two months go. I am moving at a satisfying rate (one chapter before Inheritance, Virtual Functions) and I have done close of all practice problems in Tony Gaddis' Starting out with C++ Alternate Second Edition.I have two questions. My goal is to code an entire new and original Win32 FTP server. First, at what point *should* one begin laying the foundation for such a project?Lastly, although I try again and again to take everything Gaddis' discusses and implement each element in every practice problem, I many times find myself having to go back to previous chapters to look up information. For the hardcore C++ programmer, do you use reference C++ books? How often?

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The programming language is always a tough topic in computer subject. Not every student gets 100 % correct in coding. I use to take help of edusson essayuniverse blog tutorials of C++ to write coding and execute that code to see it is right or wrong. Those tutorials has helped me lot to correct my coding mistakes.
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