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So ive been a long time lurker of these forums and played Better Than Wolves (Since cement buckets lol). I love the mod and it has become my only way of playing minecraft. I check these forums daily(Seriously) and love the community here. My issue with the mod has now become the hardcore spawn. I always wait for a new release to start a new world and with the past couple of releases ive realized how much i hate hardcore spawn. Ive put about 10 hours into this last release and have not made it anywhere past iron. Ive spent my 4 lives on the world getting to the same point and facing the hard truth of death because of true bullshit. Its killing my passion for this mod. I understand why its there dont get me wrong. I understand why every feature is in this mod but for casual players like myself its not easy to be able to dedicate time to something you enjoy when you spend time doing the same thing time and time again making no progress. Maybe im just whining but i felt like i should contribute something to these forums and my observations and only feedback i can really give is this.

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forum Hardcore, Metal, Punk Rock, Emo ›› Hardcore Spawn ›› new reply Post Reply

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