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No one cares except you two weasels who can't string two coherent thoughts together but have plenty to say about me.

Go read a book.
Old Head
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I certainly dont care, you are the one chasing every conversation down so you can get heated and then hate fuck your fist.
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May 2 2018 4:14 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
I'm perfectly calm.
MMM..Johnny Cakes
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I read The Infinity Gauntlet for the 3rd time just before seeing the movie.

You have any other suggestions of things I can do with my free time?
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I have a suggestion for all of you:

Blow It Out Your Asses
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Done and done
subduction megathrusts
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Originally posted by: sidney

Originally posted by: subduction megathrusts

Originally posted by: sidney

Originally posted by: subduction megathrusts

Originally posted by: sidney

Originally posted by: subduction megathrusts

Originally posted by: sidney

Originally posted by: subduction megathrusts

Originally posted by: Brett Weir

Sidney wants that narassaistic monster to have another 4 years of power just so his dumb petty ass can basque in the people he doesn’t like making very real complaints. I hope you are severely affected by this time in US History to the point that it takes your life.

It usually takes at least twenty years to see the full effects of any administration's policies, so it won't be until his retarded kids and their retarded kids get cut off of their soylent green food stamps that he might comprehend the kind of plundering scam that these years were if he does at all.

that's really angry!


Only if they actually have Downs syndrome, otherwise it's just pretty standard, normalized internet banter unless you want to manufacture outrage from it. Maybe it struck a chord though because you forgot that these policies will affect their future and the future of their kids, and their kids, etc.?

Seriously, how do you think this administration's policies, including the tax cuts, the environmental deregulation, cuts to healthcare and education, etc., will affect the lives of your children and their children? Just honestly wondering if anyone thinks that far ahead.

i'm not going to go into some great debate but: (again remember I'M NOT a Trump supporter....never have been)

-tax cuts have been good so far

-I hate his environmental stance

-healthcare and education cuts I don't see affecting myself, business (actually if we wanted to we could have cut health benefits but that would have been ridiculous) or childrens education

I get all that, and that you didn't vote for Trump but just feel like his tax cuts are benefiting you personally right now. But that's really only the effect that his administration's changes to policy are having in the present tense. What I meant was how do you think they will affect the adult lives of your kids down the road and the adult lives of their kids, etc.?

Also, the other thing is, you can't really have one policy without another, so his tax policy comes with his environmental policy, comes with his education policy, and everything else, etc. If the bad policies are not disqualifying enough for potential voters, then voting for him is tacitly supporting all of those policies. [This is kind of like how a lot of people who claimed not to be sexist or racist felt those qualities in Trump were not "dealbreakers", not understanding that this kind of meant they were, because the Samaritan law sort of applies to human rights violations. But that's another topic for another dumpster fire of a thread. lol]

I have always thought that we should include some sort of negative voting in the options on the ballot, i.e. you would have the option to take a vote away from a particularly awful candidate instead of voting for one or the other. That probably will never happen, so the alternative is voting against someone you feel is dangerous by voting for the other person even if you don't like them.

So you didn't vote for Trump, so another question is, even though his tax policies benefit you right now, do you dislike his other policies enough to vote against him the next time? I realize that is kind of a loaded question, for me anyway, because environmental issues are always a dealbreaker. I would probably vote
for Caligula if he was going to expand wildlife protections and the other candidate wasn't. lol

Let me also say I didn't even vote either Trump or Clinton because I felt both were terrible.

Would I vote against him? Well since I didn't vote for him the first time I wouldn't be inclined as of now to vote for him this next election....unless of course he does enough stuff that changes my mind....but I'm pretty sure that is not going to happen. The Democrats would have to put up a pretty good candidate for me to vote for them at this point in my life....I've swung more right as I've gotten older. I live in a state that hasn't gone red since the 80's so I know even without voting for the president it more than likely will go blue.

so I guess what I'm saying is, as of now, I probably won't vote for either presidential candidate in the next election....again unless Trump does some amazing things in my eyes

I get all that too, but the real question I was asking, beyond even the issue of voting, is how do you think the policies of this administration will affect the adult lives of your kids down the road and the adult lives of their kids, etc.? I really want to know how people think about that sort of stuff because that is what we should be arguing about in my opinion, that would actually be a constructive dialogue to have before going into the voting booth [or not.]

oh ok.

I think that is a hard question to answer. So far raising my kids I don't think too much about how the current president (or any other before Trump) would have on their lives. I mean I consider it a little...but when parenting I'm more worried about what my wife and I are teaching them and their schooling. I can only do so much for them and try to leave something behind for them some they choose to use that is up to them. I'm almost 42 and up to this point in my life not one president has had a big impact on my why would it for my kids? Not to say it can't happen....I just think their are much bigger fish to fry when raising my kids then to put a lot of time and effort into worrying who the president is.

Fair enough, although I think these are problems of perception; we live in the reference frame of a couple of years - what we remember and what we plan for - whereas governmental policies can impact multiple generations. Is Social Security good or bad? Blame FDR. Is Yellowstone Park good or bad? Blame Ulysses S. Grant., Interstate Highways? Eisenhower, etc.

I am not sure the legacy of the Trump administration will be remembered as positively for anything, particularly for anyone looking down the road multiple generations for their children and their children's children. I don't have kids, but this is how I view things like environmental policies, wilderness protections, animal rights, etc., and the future looks pretty grim in this direction right now. Obama was already fairly lukewarm on these things, issuing a flurry of protections in his last year [many of which are being reversed by Trump officials because they weren't built litigiously strong enough], but he never made it a central focus of his administration like he did with healthcare. But Trump's people are aggressively horrible on all of these things. Scott Pruitt's long term EPA strategy is colored by the evangelical 'young Earth' and 'End-times' mythology he shares with people like Mike Pence and probably the largest single chunk of the Republican Party. This does not bode well for many endangered species, but I would think it would also not be terribly encouraging for anyone trying to provide the best possible future for young children and their future families decades down the line, including giving them things like unpolluted air and water and maybe access to some wilderness that actually contains more wildlife than the patches of woods along the freeway.
Bashar al-Asad
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new cocks
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vanilla gorilla
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Originally posted by: Bashar al-Asad

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