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May 13 2018 10:09 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
I want to punch Ashton Kutcher in the face to save humanity from the lies brought by freemasons that it would stop Iran from giving handjobs to all the Mexicans in Atlanta, while President Trump wants to get rid out every non-white person as he jerks off in a jar that gets shipped to Haiti where they do an evil spell and all the major cities go into chaos. They pray for the government to help them but the political party in the state of Alabama is having a bi-sexual orgy at a motel that was runned by a dude that tried to write a script to to a future Batman movie where he was gonna make Bruce Wayne a foot doctor that has a crisis with his sexual life. He'd be ready to kill. He runs over Ricki Lake with the batmobile on the way to stop The Joker from spreading AIDS to a church full of Jehovah's Witnesses for getting his brother hooked on the Becker series.
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