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It is a new online game developed by South Korea's Nadic Games. The game is a super comic style MMORPG.
The story of The Sealer was described decades ago. The unknown alien dimension of the living entity struck the earth across the dimension. Normal weapon fires cannot fight against it, but when the intruder opens the door of the dimension, there are also very few humans. Awakening, therefore, gained the power to confront the monsters. Under the condition of great sacrifices, the door of the dimension was closed in the “first dimension war”. The world used the [url=]Closers Credits[/url] to call these superpowers. The survivors of the war were incorporated into UNION, a UN organization under the United Nations. To prevent the outbreak of the second-dimensional war, players will play as members of the UNION-owned special team BLACK LAMBS in the city of Seoul, South Korea.
Each Closer has its own personality and characteristics. You will face the same enemies and overcome the same threats, but through the unique fighting style and talent shots of each character.
Each Closer has his or her fighting style, and there are thousands of weapons and equipment to choose from, but no two Closer can be exactly the same. Customize your equipment and develop your skills to suit your game style!
Closers' actions are very quick and intense. Jump, dodge, build combos, release special attacks, and defeat various stereo monsters with an ever-increasing battle skill menu.
So where and how to buy Closers Credits?
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forum Arts & Entertainment ›› where and how to buy Closers Credits? ›› new reply Post Reply

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