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June 30 2018 2:26 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
Officials are to discuss proposals to stop or reduce 17 routine procedures deemed to be "ineffective or risky".

The treatment will be offered only if it is judged to be of "compelling" benefit and there are no alternatives.

NHS England said the move would affect about 100,000 people every year and free up an estimated £200m.

It follows reviews last year to save £190m from supplying over-the-counter medications and treatments described as "low value".

NHS plans to cut homeopathy treatments
NHS plan: What we still need to know
NHS England says for most of the 17 procedures under consideration, alternative treatments including physiotherapy, a minor injection or change of diet are likely to be effective.

NHS England national medical director Prof Stephen Powis said: "If we want the very best clinical care for our patients, we need to stop putting them through treatments where risks and harms outweigh the benefits.

"By reducing unnecessary or risky procedures for some patients we can get better outcomes while reducing waste and targeting resource to where it is most needed."

The plans have the backing of health professionals and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), which advises on the clinical benefits and cost-effectiveness of treatments.

But patients at risk of serious harm from their condition will continue to be offered treatment.

It is proposed four treatments will only be offered only when a patient makes an individual request.

These include surgery for snoring, where there is said to be only limited clinical evidence of effectiveness and which poses significant risks to patients.

The others are: dilatation and curettage for heavy menstrual bleeding, knee arthroscopies for osteoarthritis and injections for non-specific back pain.

A further 13 procedures will only to be offered when specific criteria are met:

Breast reduction
Removal of benign skin lesions
Grommets for Glue Ear
Tonsillectomy for sore throats
Haemorrhoid surgery
Hysterectomy for heavy menstrual bleeding
Chalazia (lesions on eyelids) removal
Anthroscopic compression for subacromial shoulder pain
Carpal tunnel syndrome release
Dupuytren's contracture release for tightening of fingers
Ganglion excision - removal of noncancerous lumps on the wrist or hand
Trigger finger release
Varicose vein surgery
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forum General Crabbery ›› NHS England to stop 'ineffective' treatments ›› new reply Post Reply

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