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September 1 2018 5:15 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
HM Revenue and Customs' reported policy of blocking people from getting honours if they are found to have avoided tax has been backed by Sir Vince Cable.

Celebrities who use lawful but controversial schemes are being "blacklisted" to protect the reputation of the honours list,

A Freedom of Information request showed a traffic light system was used to identify an individual's suitability.

The Liberal Democrat leader said HMRC's tough stance was perfectly reasonable

"The principle is right, I think the public is fed up with abusive tax avoidance by individuals and companies," Sir Vince told the BBC.

He added: "It seems perfectly reasonable to me that the Inland Revenue should be taking a tough line on tax avoidance."

HMRC analyses nominees for honours to check the risk of them being exposed over their tax affairs.  [url=]Windows Support Number[/url]

The list is then sent back to the Cabinet Office honours committee and the prime minister via secure email.The FOI response revealed that people are categorised as green if they are low risk, amber for medium risk and red for high risk.
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