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September 15 2018 6:56 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
One step into the market and we can acknowledge hundreds of colleges that offer Intermediate. But what we need to crack the competitive exams like IIT is the best place to pursue our education.

The first name that pops up in one’s head after the idea of Intermediate is Narayana Group of Institutions. With the decades of unbeatable success in grooming the teens into better youth, South India’s most successful educational institution Narayana Group is definitely a standout in its unique way. The candid schedule, nerve biting staff and the absolute discipline; over thousands of students who are unsure of what to do post the high school choose Narayana and find their call.

Many of them make it to the prestigious institutes like IITs and NITs, thanks to the effervescent study schedules and the vibes of breaching impossibilities inculcated in the campuses. One cannot ignore the numbers. The growth we can acknowledge in the number of students making it to the IITs is quite fascinating.
At least 60% of South Indians who graduate from the IITs bagging a decent package in the MNCs belong to Narayana. Narayana Group offers specialized programmes that are designed to help students be completely prepared for their educational future in myriad engineering and technology institutes across India.

With around hundreds of campuses of Narayana throughout both the Telugu states, students are confused about choosing the best campus. These days we find a Narayana junior college in almost every area. To be honest, all of them are really useless and they just waste two years of your valuable time. The idea of writing an entrance exam for the engineering on two years syllabus will stress out the teenagers, but, with the right way of approach and the mental support, it will be easy.

The quality of education and academic programs of these institutions are good. Teachers are capable of doing incredible things. Lecturers with at least a decade of experience in teaching will guide you in an aesthetic manner. Narayana institutions have some well-planned string of mock tests that will reflect the academical stature of the students.

All these things said and noticed, and the proven results, we cannot agree more about the fact that Narayana offers the best means of education for those who aspire to fly with the brightest ranks and marks and make it to the IITs.

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