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October 31st is the date LEEWAY NYC plans to release their new track called “Pusher” which will also be accompanied by a music video. This will be the first new music Eddie Sutton has done under the Leeway name in over 20 plus years and will also feature Gordon Ancis who was the old Leeway’s first lead guitar player. About the new song Eddie told us “The song is called “Pusher” even though the whole chorus has me saying “I’m not your pusher”… it’s a song about enabling a significant other from the streets while fighting drug addiction”. On the new song’s sound Eddie also told us “the other beautiful thing is this track and the one that will follow SOUNDS LIKE LEEWAY… if we all were together I do believe the natural flow that we created here sounds as if it was done by the same band today. Say what you want when you hear it but you can’t front because it’s just as good. Every man delivered. I’m grateful to finally get here and with all the right people who believe in me moving forward as the Last of The Mohicans.” “Pusher” will be followed up with another new track (as well as video) with digital downloads to accompany each tracks release and eventually a 45 RPM hard copy with both songs icluded.
forum Hardcore, Metal, Punk Rock, Emo ›› New music from Leeway ›› new reply Post Reply

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