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You must have heard of Norton security, which is giving its best for keeping your system secure from the malicious entities and other security threats. If you install it, you have chosen the correct option for your PC protection against the unending threats. But this is always suggested that you should update it in regular intervals of time. But, you need to focus on the Norton security features so that you can do it in the right way. You can follow the steps as mentioned to make the protection possible:
Controlling Email Threats: If you want to fight with the mailing threats, you need to open only the email attachments which are from the trusted source and you known senders only. It is also suggested that you must delete all the unwanted messages without opening them and there is no need to respond the email that are indicated as spam and delete them instantly.
Fight against Phishing attempts: In such attempt, you should type the address directly into your browser rather than clicking a link. Plus, you should also provide personal information for the trusted sites. Moreover, you must also provide personal information to the unsolicited requests for the information. If you have issues, you can tell the technical team at Norton Help Number UK for best effort.
Attempt to fight back Security Threats: It is important to transfer files to your system only when you see a trusted source. Also, you can’t send or receive files over instant messaging connections. Moreover, you also need to end the instant messaging connection as well.
If you still see issues, contact the technical team at Norton Helpline Number UK @ 0808-169-1988 (24x7, Toll-Free) for the problems you are facing. The technical team help you with the best method possible and they answer all your doubts with the best effort. For more info visit

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forum General Music Discussion ›› How Norton take care of your computer? ›› new reply Post Reply

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