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HP Notebook Plugged In Not Charging

Many HP laptop users are having a problem with their laptop battery. Their battery index in their laptop States it's not charging whenever they will have plugged the power cable to their laptop.
That really is a frustrating issue. You can not control your notebook battery as a Result of This issue, also it's very inconvenient. But don't worry. This dilemma can be repaired...
Stinks to test Listed below are a few procedures which have helped lots of HP laptop users. You don't need to test them all; just Work your way down the list before you find the one which is appropriate for you personally.

Do some hardware troubleshooting
Power reset your laptop
Update your own battery driver
Update your notebook BIOS
Have your notebook protected

Method 1: How do a little hardware troubleshooting

It is well worth assessing your notebook power cable or AC adapter whenever you can't control your laptop battery.
You might not be able to charge your HP notebook battery if you should be with a surge protector. You should try Linking your notebook to a wall socket and find out if you're able to control your notebook.
You might also have the battery difficulty because you are using a terrible AC adapter. Try a different AC adapter and watch When that resolves the problem.

Method 2: Power reset your laptop

An electrical reset clears your notebook memory. That is helpful for fixing your own battery difficulty.
To electricity reset your own laptop:
1) Switch off your own laptop.
2) If your notebook battery is removable, then remove your battery life.
3) Disconnect the power cable from the notebook.
4) Press and hold the power button of your notebook for 15 minutes, then release it.
5) Insert the battery into your laptop.
6) Connect the cable to your laptop.
6) Turn on your notebook, then check out the status of your notebook battery.
In case this procedure works for you, great! However, if not, there are just three more fixes for you to try.

Contacting HP Laptop Support Number to General Helps

While +1-800-201-4179 is HP's most popular HP helpline phone number, it's not the only way to get a hold of their HP helpline number team. You already know from reading above that +1-800-201-4179 is their best HP helpline phone number overall, and HP laptop helpline number have put together a comparison of their 11 total ways to contact support for you to look at as well. One thing to keep in mind as you try to reach HP computer helpline phone number by calling tthem is that other customers give their HP helpline number at this number a 95% score for their communication skills and a 70% score for the overall help they received. That could be indicative of their abilities to help you resolve your problem overall, regardless of whether or not you call this HP helpline phone number +1-800-201-4179.

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