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August 10 2019 8:37 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
I am was shocked about some information about "new sexdrugs" of Scientologists?! Quote by HumTec Scientology (found darknet):

Quote:   "Sex with sleeping teens - use some recommend drugs"

Hello my friend, Thank you for being on *Sexdrugs Board … * …
My secret tip and „Recommendation“…  „Secret“ sex with your desired girl …

Do you want some „new“ sexual experience with your desired girl?  
But you „do not dare“ to rape your girl hard… ?!

Meet „your girl“ and use some GBL for „new“ sexual experience ... 

GBL Liquids are "legal“ ...  The desired girl (e.g. girlfriend, stranger „drunken girl“ … ) have 
a nice, deep and peaceful sleep with GBL ...  (use 7ml GBL…)

4-6 hours peaceful sleeping, and she will have no memory about your “sexual experience“ ... (for example / „Rape“ your girl…)

What you „Really“ want with the girl …  The girl will not remember anything … …
With „every girl“, you really want ... 

GBL Liquid you can buy e.g. in the webshop
GBL Liquid costs 120$ / 1000ml incl. delivery and quiet expensive …

2. Order legal „Cloral Hydrate Powder“ (Much better and „safer“ than sleeping pills …)

The „Better and Recommend Option“ will be Cloral Hydrate Powder for  9$ / 100g ...  Mix 5g powder in the „alcoholic drink“ of your desired girl and take the girl home/ to bedroom…  (Cloral Hydrate act like an Alcoholic drink +  anesthesia + hypnotic well/ deeply sleeping … ) 
Induce some „Cloral hydrate“ and you will have more than „4 hours“ time for „touch, kiss, penetrate and even have „interesting/exciting sex“ with the girl, even „Rape“ … …  The girl will deeply sleeping and will not remember anything …  …

You will have 4h - 6h time for your „sexual experience“ …  What you really want with „your“ desired girl …

Mix 5g powder with hot tea, sweet juice or an alcoholic drink (*Recommendation: special alcohol mixed bottle / alcohol mix wine / „special hot tea“ at home … 

Legal Cloral Hydrate Powder *Review 
Legal Cloral Hydrate Powder / Order 100g for 9$ ... **Recommendation
You can *Realize* your dreams …  With „your“ girl and „Every desired girl“ you really want to have „Sex“ … 

My secret tip and **Recommendation: Order legal „Cloral Hydrate“ for  **Testing  / 100g for 9$ …
Best regards and wish you good luck  (-:
Maxime ( Scientology California )  
 "quote end"

What about Scientology?! They use drugs to rape teens?? 
Can that really true?? I dont know, maybe believable ...
And what about these drugs? Does anyone know the drugs?!

Hopefull, they are not in the rap scene ... ...?
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