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December 4 2019 2:06 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
Pop quiz: name one high-end designer [url=]the north face hoodie

mens sale[/url] brand that hasn’t recently added some sort of fleece jacket to their menswear roster. Struggling? That

’s probably because there isn’t one. A few years back, the only way fleece would be inescapable was if you had

somehow become trapped at an ornithological convention. Now it’s everywhere. In just a few short seasons, thick-pile

outerwear has leapt from the shoulders of your old high-school geography teacher and onto every fashion-mag front page,

haute-couture runway and streetwear Instagram account worth their salt.

It’s the new dad shoe, or mom jean – a fundamentally [url=

vests/]the north face jackets sale[/url] garment, repurposed and revived by the fashion world’s propensity for ironic

statements. Only, it’s not just irony anymore. Fleece has passed that point now, and the more we wear it, the more we

come to genuinely appreciate it. It’s light, it’s warm, and it’s delightfully retro. It adds depth and texture to an

outfit and popping one on feels like a hug from a friendly bear. You can’t talk about outdoor brands without

mentioning The North Face.

The Cali-born mountaineering label has grown to become the most recognisable in the world, and fleece has been a staple

since the [url=]the north face jackets mens sale[/url]

beginning. The Denali fleece is TNF’s signature style, complete with a hefty dose of street cred thanks to a long-

running collab with Supreme. Starting from the ground up, get yourself some mountain-worthy footwear. Luxury leather

hiking boots if you’re thinking classic, or teched-out trail runners if you’re thinking contemporary. Trouser-wise, a

pair of regular-fit cargo trousers cuffed to just above the ankles should do the trick, particularly if chosen in

black, khaki or navy blue. For the main event, go retro. Patagonia is the king of fleece jackets, known for its thick-

pile, throwback goodness. And in terms of the colour, cream is always a safe bet. Tie it together with a mini roll

beanie and you’re good to go.

Workwear is one of the cornerstones of modern menswear, and layering is one of the cornerstones of workwear. When the

mercury [url=]the north face outlet[/url] begins to drop, there are worse styles to

deck your wardrobe out in, and it just so happens that fleece jackets sit very comfortably within the workwear sphere.

Start off with a fleece jacket, minus the sleeves. This might sound counterintuitive when trying to stay warm, but the

reduced bulk will make it easier to pile (no pun intended) the layers on. Speaking of which, underneath the gilet, wear

a thin base layer, like a tee or long-sleeve, and a thicker layer on top. A crew-neck or a hoodie would work well.
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