Birthday: 09/12/1990 - 29 Yrs
Loc: The 410, MD USA
Sex: Male

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GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS , GOD, All sorts of dancing, Wrestling ( all types),UFC, lifting, being posi, learning fight tactics, food, being competitive, wrestling, boxing, music, playing guitar (lefty), being left handed, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, did I say wrestling? BODY BUILDING!

Other Information:

Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: Native American and Black with a bit of irish and german.
Religion: Christianity..And no, I will not criticize you.
Smoke? : No
Children: Later In life.
Education: I'm not the smartest peice of clay in the jar, but I can logic very well.
Occupation: Student - Going to college, thinkin about Criminal Justice.
Favorite Books: Bible, Stephen King - Night Shift, Batman, Muscle Fitness, WWE, AP, anything having to do with subculture or hardcore, nutrients, or fight tactics.
Instruments Played: The Female lol, Guitar (Lefty), Can do vox, bass, and a little bit of drums.
Favorite Movies: All Quentin Tarantino Stuff, Family Guy Movie, South Park Movie,Baseketball, and alot of other crap.
Pets: Dog