Birthday: 12/30/1989 - 29 Yrs
Loc: Soon to be in, TX USA
Sex: Female

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-Keegan....derrrrr♥ -hollywood : ) -RYANFUCKINGTOWNLEY. -Davey -nick -being retarded -cadaveric maveric -mo -brittney -yer mum -SEX -things you should know: -I'm a vegan -i would much rather see a baby die than an animal -I don't take shit -You can insult me all you want, but in the end, I'll know that my life hasn't hit the point of being pathetic as to when I have nothing better to do, but sit on my fat ass and talk shit about people on a computer screen :)

Other Information:

Relationship Status: Married
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: Italian
Religion: Agnostic
Smoke? : No
Drink? : No
Children: no thanks.
Education: going to college...eventually
Occupation: Keegan's Wife : )
Favorite Books: Dr. Seuss
Instruments Played: I Scream...enough said
Favorite Movies: a clockwork orange, night of the living dead, the texas chainsaw massacre,requeim for a dream
Pets: Dog
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[brie[chav™]] [holyshit™] [civetadei™] [brieislegend™] [skrill3X] [i♥johnathan] [dorkasaurusREX] [orginalfuck-up] [dorkasaurusREX] [fersure...™] [fersure...brie™] [fersureBRIE™] [greatbloodyMESS] [fersure...™] [lovehatebrie] [heybrie™!] [briebaby™!] [fersure...™] [dancebriedance!] [I<3keegan:)] [dancebriedance!] [brie[misseskeegan]] [bringbriethehorizon] [brie[♥KAS]]