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Hot Buttered Anal is a band that does not abide by any laws and knows no limits. (Sounds cool, huh?) Described as a cross between angry dildo metal and undead chicken puke, (or is that suppose to be punk?)... Hot Buttered Anal is music with a purpose. The purpose you ask? To vent all the anger and hate and rage so FUCK YOU! (Just kidding!) Hot Buttered Anal is putting filth together at a blistering pace....for now anyways. As long as the media, Hollywood, and society keep producing filth, hate, fear, and sadness.... you can rest assured Hot Buttered Anal will be there venting their anger! While Hot Buttered Anal has only been in existence since 2005, they have their debut CD coming out in April of 2007. Their first CD entitled, "Please Kill Me" is a combination of thought provoking lyrics that tell a story with each song and an angry metal sound that kicks you in the balls. Add in a twisted sense of humor and there you have it: HOT BUTTERED ANAL! Listen to us at