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My name is Esperanza, im 18 years old, i love seth very much. i already moved to some place far far away, where i have begun my new life.... Things in my life have been very stressful, but I got through them just fine. Ok enough of this stuff...lets see something else about me... +I love god. +Im 18 years old. -I just moved to Wisconsin. +Im short. +Im nice. +I'm shy so i probably won't approach you. +I love my dogs FUDGE and MAXX. (i miss my puppies.) +I wear chance by channel...and smell good. +I dont drink/smoke. +I dont wear a lot of makeup. +I love my short hair. +I just moved to a state far far away. -I miss all of my friends from CALIFORNIA. (you guys know who you are.) +I get mad easily, but I try not to hold grudges. +I love metal, hardcore, grindcore, and some soft music like Denali/Murder by Death. +My natural hair color is brown. +My eyes are brown. +My favorite restaurant is BJ's. +I am a vegetarian. +My favorite cookies are macadaniam nut cookies. +I love JAMBA JUICE. -I miss my FRIENDS from PACSUN CALIFORNIA. +I love my old and new FAMILY. +I love to read. +I love all STAR WARS movies (except for the 1st one) and INDIANA JONES movies. +I love going to shows/concerts. +I love going to baseball games. +This summer has been the best summer of my entire life. -I hate most girls. +I like hanging out with my friends. -I dont like it when friends back out of things. +My favorite color is pink. -Mean people suck. +I love photography and art. +I want to be a teacher/hairstylist. +I love dying/cutting my hair. -I tend not to like people very much. -I dont like drama. -I dont like liars. -I dont like racists. -I dont like people who talk bad about others behind their backs. -I dont like it when you talk to people and then later on ignore you. +I love drinking coffee. +I love rice crispies from noodles.

Other Information:

Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Orientation: Straight
Religion: christian
Smoke? : No
Drink? : No
Children: someday
Education: college
Occupation: retail
Favorite Books: anne rice books, harry potter, and others
Instruments Played: vocalist/guitar
Favorite Movies: sixteen candles, the incredibles and others i just cant think of them...
Pets: Dog
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