Birthday: 07/19/1991 - 28 Yrs
Loc: none of your buisness u freakish stalker, LA USA
Sex: Female

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i love art drawing is my strongest category.anime (hell girl wolfs rain an others) i luv music and cant live without it i like to read and hang with my friends i have a sick twisted obsession with emo boys. I belive in inner animals and spirit gaurdians (for instance im the wolf and fox crossover im very unique so i have a hybrid most people only get one... and my gaurdian is the raven the gaurdian of lost souls) i hav a myspace to so if u want to look me up when ur bord or if u just dont hav a life my camera i a fucktard and currently in a million pieces somewhere in a landfill so it will be a while till i get a new one. i am very easy to get along with but i tend to be short tempered and very violent when pissed off... i dont like to get angry id rather just hav fun and chat with people instead of fight

Other Information:

Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Ethnicity: white bitch
Religion: none
Smoke? : No
Drink? : Yes
Children: not sure
Education: im a genius! high school
Occupation: don't care
Favorite Books: why does it matter?
Instruments Played: rockband doesn't count does it?
Favorite Movies: the crow and any horrer movies
Pets: Cat