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We're five musicians (James Eggleston, Adam Nagel, Brian Freer, Adam Gaston, Joseph Fedele) who are in the process writing melodic, progressive, hardcore, metal. Sounds like a mouthful, and it is.... just like my ... well, you know what I want to say, but I am not going to. We all come from different musical backgrounds and are not trying to create anything new under the sun. We are just trying to make music that we love and hope that others will enjoy us as well. Check out our single if you have not Lucidity Beckons. Hope to see you a the show. -James

Other Information:

Ethnicity: Mutt
Religion: n/a
Smoke? : No
Children: Jesus! I hope not
Education: musical
Occupation: music
Favorite Books: 1984
Instruments Played: Guitar, drum, bass
Favorite Movies: Kids, Trainspotting, Donnie Darko, Monte Python, Arthur, and old Pink Panther flicks