Birthday: 05/01/1995 - 24 Yrs
Loc: Vermilion, OH USA
Sex: Male

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User: ClevelandSucks
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Meditation,Anime,Music, Moshing, Headbanging, 70's punk rock, and and and raves. Getting high off of incense an producing beats, Summoning the Devil, The Occult, Skating

Other Information:

Relationship Status: Dead Inside
Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Ethnicity: White/Slovakian,German
Religion: Atheist/Deist/Nihilist
Smoke? : No
Drink? : Yes
Children: I want a boy
Education: HighSchool
Occupation: School, Independent Electronic Artist, Satanic Warmaster
Favorite Books: Marx For Beginners, Journals:Kurt Cobain
Instruments Played: Guitar for awhile, Macbook, Mixers and Loops, Turntables
Favorite Movies: The Matrix, Who Then Now?, Three Amigos
Pets: Snake
Old Usernames:
[NuMetalHXCKid1233][SicHCXMaggot][SicHXCMaggot][SatanLover][SatanLover666][SatanLover69][xSatanLover69x][xNIGHTFURY666x][xAstaroth666x][Son of Astaroth 666][Hannibal666][CharlesManson666][WeCameAsRomans][SlatanicQueermacht69][SlatanicWehrmacht666][SlaytanicWehrmacht ][HatredIsPurity][Woodstock][PeaceLoveMaryJane][BeerWeedHockey][Beer and Hockey][WeedianNazareth][CyberHack][Plauge]