Birthday: 10/28/1995 - 24 Yrs
Loc: Milton, PA USA
Sex: Female

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>Malloriee(: >Don`t wear it out :p >I`m not "normal" >Fun, funny, weird, ect... >I`m the coolest loser you`ll ever meet >I`m me. >Don`t plan on changin who I am cuz it won`t happen. >I Love randomness(: >Get to know me and i promise you`ll love me(; Quotes: Some people are so stupid they're not even worth the carbon emmissions. Sick of Crying, Tired of Trying, Yeah im Smiling, But inside im Dying:)

Other Information:

Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: Whitee:P
Religion: Nunya
Smoke? : No
Drink? : No
Children: Not a chace
Education: High School *Sophmore*
Occupation: Student
Favorite Books: I dont read
Instruments Played: Bass & drums
Favorite Movies: Horror films<33
Pets: Cat
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