Birthday: 09/23/1976 - 43 Yrs
Loc: Philadelphia, PA USA
Sex: Male

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Morrissey, Natalie Portman, Star Wars, comic books, retro video games, 1980s pop culture, pro wrestling, and the motherfucking PHILADELPHIA FLYERS.

Other Information:

Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: human, unfortunately
Religion: is for the weak
Smoke? : Straight Edge
Drink? : Straight Edge
Education: art school dropout
Occupation: work is a four letter word
Favorite Books: too many to list, I read a lot
Instruments Played: none
Favorite Movies: I have a lot. Ask.
Pets: Cat
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[XBobaFettX] [ChrisX] [ChrisXOMGWTF] [AmandasHappyTampon] [ChrisX] [AIDSMistakenForSARS] [GregX] [Ghetto_Fabulous] [AIDSMistakenForSARS] [CasketofGregs] [ChrisX] [ChrisX-mas] [GETAROOM!] [Duranissey] [LonelySatellite] [DJStatutoryRape] [GOVEGAN!] [XBobaFettX] [DarthVegan] [GOVEGAN!] [ChrisX-Mas] [GOVEGAN!] [GOFUCKYOURSELF!] [LIFEISAPIGSTY] [LETSGOFLYERS!] [SCOTTHARTNELLsHAIR]