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Her name is Amanda. She likes to be called Manda, Mandy, Mandie or Mandi. She is 16 years old && was born on May 22. She lives in NE Philly, on Cottman && Vandike st. She moves constantly. She lives with her sister, Jonna♥ Her parents just recently split up. She goes to Lincoln High School && is in 10th grade. She wants to go to college && become a Forensic Scientist Amanda has many friends, but only few close friends. She is 5'4" && weighs about 124 lbs. She has a new hair color almost every day, right now her hair is blonde && purple, but her natural color is strawberry blonde. She has beautiful sky-blue eyes. She is very spoiled && always tries to get whatever she wants. She is ♥SinGle♥ She is in love with the idea of being in love♥ && can maybe sometimes get confused. She gets attached very easily && doesn't want to let go. She is heart broken && feels so used. She tries to always keep a smile on her face, no matter how x b r o k e n x she is inside. She dates guys && girls, but not at the same time. She is a giant flirt♥ She loves black eyeliner. She has an unhealthy obsession with lipgloss and chapstick♥ She is a hopless romantic♥ She falls for cheesy pick-up lines. She loves to have someone there. She tries so hard to keep relationships, though they never really work out for her. She is a cuddle junkie♥ She loves to kiss && hugg. She believe's in meant to be♥. She has 4 piercings, her lip, her tongue && her ears, but she wants tons more. She loves♥ to bite && make it hurt. She loves to be an immature little kid sometimes♥ She loves to dress-up. Other Information:

Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Ethnicity: white
Smoke? : No
Drink? : Yes
Education: Lincoln?
Occupation: hopless romantic
Instruments Played: I want to play drums
Old Usernames:
[ImNoTaNuGgEt] [PeNgUiNsTeaLMySanItY] [DraCoMalFoYzLovEr] [PenGuinSteAlmYSanIty] [ReSisTanCeiSFuTiLe] [.:BarB.WirE.KiSSeS:.] [|A|M|A|N|D|A|] [BarBxWirExKiSSeS] [|A|M|A|N|D|A|] [PaniCPrincesS] [AwkwardMoments] [h0micida1ducki3] [DearlyBeloved] [ItWasOnlyAKiss]