Birthday: 08/24/1925 - 94 Yrs
Loc: In bloody Hell with a 40 in hand, CA USA
Sex: Female

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there are so many clowns on this site, dont talk to me if you've got something negative to say, and if your fucking blind and talk to me anyways, dont expect a response because im not gonna waste my time... anyways, my interests are: pitting, singing, shrooming, fucking, fighting, riding my chopper (yes, i have one), drinking, smoking, living life to the fullest... Henry Rollins books, reading in general, counter culture, mindless droning pit action, pondering the end of the world and living in it...Seeing my favorite bands in a tiny little venue where you can jump on and off the stage and drink with the band after the show, meeting Monkey from The Adicts, Crowd surfing, anti-pitting, pissing off stupid people, stealing kisses...and to you fucking morons who have been giving me shit for liking music other than punk...holy christ on a cracker, forgive me, i have a fucking open mind. what a concept

Other Information:

Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Ethnicity: German-Irish-Italian
Religion: Bad
Smoke? : Yes
Drink? : Yes
Children: psh...
Education: High School Senior
Occupation: fucking your mother
Favorite Books: Battle Royale
Instruments Played: none, i sing
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[ShRoOmIn_PunK] [DrunkenTango] [LeibeistGiftig] [3Sheets2theWind] [Iswear2DRUNKImnotGod] [ImSURROUNDEDbyIDIOTS]