Album: Grown To Hate (2012)

Song: Grown To Hate

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Headshot is a 6 piece hardcoreband, hailing from Kortrijk(H8000), Belgium, hometown of bands like xLiarx, Congress,Spineless,...
Headshot was founded in 2006, as a side project from metalcore band Defiant(RIP) and played their first show in 2007.

Headshot plays oldschool hardcore with metal and beatdown influences and has built a good live reputation through the years.

In 2009 the band recorded its first full album, titled 'Fight For Reality' and released it in December 2009 on Rising Hope Records.

During the spring of 2011 Headshot recorded its second full length, 'Grown To Hate', which was released on the biggest open air hc festival in Europe and maybe the world, Ieperfest. The CD was released by CFC records from Holland.

We always wondered how Headshot would sound with a second guitarist. In 2012 a guitarist contacted us. We're proud to announce that Zander joins Headshot from then on. This means that our live performance sounds fuller and a lot heavier than before.

Headshot shared stages with bands like Hoods, No turning Back, Trapped Under Ice, strife, Comeback Kid, Sheer terror, CDC, TRC, First Blood, Wisdom In Chains, and many many more!